10 Best Etsy Mindfulness Gifts

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I don’t know if it does it for you or not, but shopping on Etsy inspires my creativity.  It inspires me to look through listings, and also to get some of those wonderful items right into my own hands.

Sure, this can at times be overwhelming.  When I wanted to find a case for my iPad, I wasn’t limited to just a couple of choices.  I had choices in lots of colors and styles, as well as in a large price range.

One of the best parts of using Etsy is the side effect of supporting small businesses and designers. Though it’s more expensive than buying on the high street, your money will be rewarding talented creatives. So much love goes into the crafts and items on Etsy so every penny is truly earned!

Here's a list of must-need mindfulness gifts that encourage meaning for people:

1) Affirmation Decks

Give someone the gift of positivity! There are so many beautiful decks to choose from on the market today, from affirmations and quotes to self-help and stress-less tips. Most of them are covered in beautiful colors and illustrations, with powerful words to help you find your inner strength.

2) Self Care Journaling

Use the science of positive psychology to start your day—a powerful way to increase overall happiness levels in your life.

Journaling helps control your symptoms and improve your mood by helping you prioritize problems, fears, and concerns. Tracking any symptoms day-to-day so that you can recognize triggers and learn ways to better control them.

3) Tibetan Singing Bowl

Enjoy the rich tones of a Tibetan singing bowl. The sounds and vibrations from singing bowls are known to promote relaxation and other powerful healing properties. For healing and meditation, with this certainly one of the perfect gifts!

4) Scented Candle

Who doesn’t love a new fresh scented candle for the house? Scented candles that use quality essential oils can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress and induce quality sleep.

The flicker of the flame and the low lighting provided by candle light creates a great ambience.

5) Tea Kit

Any tea set or collection would make a great gift, especially if you select flavors and spices that the giftee especially likes. Tea contains antioxidants, has less caffeine than coffee, may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, help with weight loss, and protect your bones.

Chamomile tea is my preferred, they use the best flavors and ingredients, and their teas are chock full of health benefits. In addition to that, they're USDA approved.

  • Price: Ranging from $2.66 - $16

  • My favorite is by Atman Tea Co

6) Wind Chime

Simple wood chime with capiz shells, great for the garden !

Wind chimes have a great significance in Vaastu and Feng Shui. “Wind chimes are known to bring in positive energy at home. Further, one can also use these to reduce the impact of Vaatu dosha and bring in harmony,” explains Gauravv Mittal, a renowned Vaastu expert.

So they help to attract positive energy and suppress ill luck. Made of metal, wood/bamboo or ceramic – is suited to which direction to attract best benefits.

7) Lotus Flower Tapestry

If you love circular blankets, you should try out the lotus flower pattern. They lie flat and beautiful.

Using it as a wall hanging, the bohemian and psychedelic decor with intricate floral bedspread is ideal for relaxation and the art of meditation.

8) Spiritual Jewelry

Some can get spiritual benefits from jewelry and some cannot.

These beneficial properties include: absorbing of divine consciousness, protection from various negative energies, such as ghosts, devils, demon; decrease of black energy in the whole body and even spiritual healing with acupressure therapy.

9) Crystal Energy Stones

Chakra healing is an excellent way to balance your chakras and find balance within your body and mind.

You'll have an improved overall health and well being, a greater and faster ability to heal your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues, an increased openness, memory, concentration and awareness.

10) Aromatherapy Diffuser

Diffusers disperse essential oils as a fine vapor throughout the air so they can be absorbed gently into the body through the respiratory system. The aroma can prompt the nervous system to transmit signals to the limbic system in the brain – the same part of the brain that houses emotion and memory.

There you have it: 10 stunning gifts for anyone!

Whether you’re shopping for your sister, brother, parents, boss, in-laws, neighbor, teacher, friend, coworker or hairdresser, you’ll be sure to crack a smile and heartfelt “thank you” when you gift something more meaningful this season !

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