Amazing Ecological Inventions that will BLOW your Mind!

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Plant Based 'Plastic'

Actually, using the fibers of fruits and vegetables, what you simply read can be achieved easily.

Scientists from are for example using potatoes, as they are materials create biodegradable plastic very productively.

Bioplastic can be made from agricultural products, and also produced from used plastic bottles and other containers having microorganisms. They take several months to disappear completely, in comparison to the commonly used plastic, which approximately takes around 500 years to vanish.

Check out how this teen created banana plastic!

Edible Water Balls

Surprisingly, I have to admit that personally, this creation was the most revolutionary of all.

  • The Notpla Team has created a waste-free substitute to plastic bottles and cups.

A serving size of water is encapsulated in a clear membrane made out of a seaweed extract. The seaweed does not have a flavor on its own, and can be eaten along with the water.

  • Knowing that the skin is 100% compostable, it does not have to be eaten, though many people eat it for the feeling and experience.

Pierre Paslier, cofounder of Skipping Rocks Lab, says of the packaging, “You’re not expected to eat the peel of your orange or banana. We are trying to follow the example set by nature for our packaging.

Robot Bees

"Perhaps the most Black Mirror of them all is the robot bee. Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have created a robotic, bee-like

drone in hopes of solving the rapid decline in global bee populations. The manually-controlled drone mimics the process of cross pollination carried out by honey bees. Its base is covered in horse hair and a sticky gel substance. As the drone lands on one flower, pollen sticks to its base, and then rubs off onto the next flower it visits.

While the initial research of the invincible robotic “bees” gives some hope, there’s still much work to be done before a long-term, economical and efficient solution is found. In the meantime, the reduction of harmful pesticide use is an essential part of the solution. Ultimately, bees and drones should work in conjunction. Robots should not plan to replace the real thing."

Ecological umbrella

Merging both timeless and forward-thinking design with materials selected not only for their aesthetic and strength but their longevity and environmental sustainability. In keeping with the ecological thinking, London Undercover, for example, consider all aspects of product and process with a fresh environmental approach.

Plant & Succulent Jewelry

Okay, can I please have all of these? Even though they're quite fragile, nothing keeps from from showing how beautiful they look on you!

With real terrarium necklaces, mushroom and moss jewelry, using resin, there's so many pretty little sustainable gifts you can give to your friends and family.

In our opinion, the best out there on Etsy are MayaJambalaya, VeryMeadow, and MoriStory!

Here's what their handmade creations look like:

Magic Straw Turns Dirty Water into Drinking Water

LifeStraw uses a hollow fibre membrane that doesn't require chemicals such as chlorine or iodine. Using high pressure upon sucking through the straw, the water is forced through the narrow fibres, trapping bacteria, protozoa and other contaminants, which are then flushed out by backwashing.

LifeStraw is active in over 64 countries, making product available to a wide group of partners seeking to provide access to safe water in communities in which they work.

Hope you enjoyed!

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

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