Earthly Lifestyle ranks 47th on Feedspot’s recommended top 100 eco-friendly blogs!

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So I was designing some posts for our instagram page and was a bit overwhelmed. I took a break and while I was making some coffee, my brother Sam (who’s also a co-founder of Earthly Lifestyle) was scrolling through the emails.

With excitement he told Earthly Lifestyle ranked 47th on Feedspot’s top eco-friendly websites/blogs list! I then searched in up on Google and it was legit! We’re so happy and proud of this! 😊

Above all, thank you to all our readers, who support us, share posts, comment and help change the world. We are an unifying force of good together.

Each blog gets ranked based on :

  • Google search rank

  • Consistency & quality of posts

  • Social media popularity

  • Feedspot’s team

Thank you to Anuj Agarwal for adding us on the list, we really appreciate it.

👉 Head over to Feedspot for more.

thanks for reading!

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