How Mindfulness can Fix the Environmental Destruction

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People are really worried about climate change, so they don't realize what to do about it.

We see more and more news and social networking posts about it. And I have began to think about it in the press too. The scientific term for this frustrated feeling is "eco-anxiety" and it's certainly something.

We pass through times of difficulty and many of us just have to look deep, reaching

the human strength to get us through weeks and probably months of isolation and physical distance.

And, as well as working remotely, having some indoor workout and watching Youtube binge, I

feel this induced "slowing down" of our lives is really the excellent opportunity to practice awareness.

What is mindfulness?

It is being totally present in each and every instant. Take the time to be more conscious of things.

When we rush around in our stressful lives being overwhelmed by worries and not concentrating on the work at hand, that is what we aren't doing.

Attaching with your senses is a great way to develop mindfulness taste,

touch, smell, sound, and sight are your gateway to understanding the current moment.

Whether it's pausing to appreciate the coffee's scent before you drink it; observing the smoothness of your cat's fur as you caress it under the chin; or listening to it in intellectual conversation instead of getting caught up in your own thoughts.

Mindfulness should be used by all of us as a method in our personal search to mitigate climate impact.

As we all lived our lives more deliberately of our community, with more consideration regarding our

fellow human beings, generations to come and biodiversity, then every second will be much more valuable.

And if only we had been more mindful of our actions throughout the last two centuries, our world wouldn't have been in the green spot of bother that we are now witnessing.

Unless we stop running around, only thinking about ourselves, and begin to talk about each of our choices and how they have an effect on the world we live ; we have the potential to make a positive difference.

Practicing mindfulness when planting is considering what flowers can attract bees, what crops can be drought tolerant and require fewer water. Until you turn the tap on, think about coating your new trees with compost to hold in the moisture, or building a rainwater reservoir for gardening use.

Aim to practice mindfulness at minimum once a day and see just how much more you could get out of every minute of your life.  If you feel anxious at the given time, it's absolutely understandable. A Yoga Nidra, or a relaxation meditation exercise can help you ease.


Hope your safe in quarantine!

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